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Through Circuit and Sinew is a two-player mech piloting game about keeping your humanity as you struggle back home, made for the Emotional Mecha Jam.

You are a mech pilot. During the battle you were knocked out, thought dead, and left behind. Now, with what little functions your mech has remaining  you struggle to return home to those you love. 

But the world will not be merciful. You will risk not only the mech that has protected you, but also those ties to others that propel you forward. Can you return home to your loved ones untouched  by the war?  

You are outside a town loyal to the enemy, it is night time and you're trying to sneak past. Posters offering rewards for information plaster the buildings in the distance. Two children spot you hiding among the large trees. Their clothes are tattered. The older one, no more than 12, runs towards the town with determination. If an alarm is raised you won't be able to escape. You're reminded of your younger brother, how your pay from piloting is being saved so he can study botany in the future. How crooked his teeth are when he smiles after showing you a flower he's found. You can catch up to the child, your mech's arms can grasp him, crush him. How will you face your brother if you do? Do you crush this boy, or do you die?


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